The Benefits of Moving & Storage

The Moving & Storage industry is comprised of a number of small- and medium-sized companies that offer both packing and storage services. This type of service is beneficial because it allows customers to save money by paying for both services at once and provides convenience, as well as a safer, more pleasant move experience. Many full-service companies provide a variety of additional perks, such as complimentary moving assistance and equipment for handling bulky or heavy items, and furniture pads that protect your pieces from scratches during the move.

Most people know that a storage unit is a great place to keep belongings this side up moving & storage that you don’t need on a daily basis, such as winter clothes or summer toys. However, a storage solution can be even more useful when used in tandem with your residential move. For instance, if you are downsizing into a smaller home and don’t want to get rid of your old furniture or appliances, putting them in storage can give you time to sell or donate them. In addition, if you are selling your home and have personal photos and furnishings that you would like to remove, storing them can make it easier for potential buyers to picture their belongings in the space.

Storage is also helpful for landlords who are getting ready to show their properties to prospective tenants. By using storage, you can clear out your rental property and make it look more inviting and livable. Additionally, if you have a renter that has left their belongings behind and you don’t have time to go through them, putting them in storage can prevent the problem from getting worse before you find another tenant.

While jamming all of your boxes into a moving truck at once can make the process of transporting them more efficient, it can also increase the risk of damage during the move. Especially when you’re moving larger or heavier items, such as antique furniture or fragile artwork, this can be a real issue. Using a storage option can help reduce this risk by creating extra space in the moving truck and decreasing the amount of times your boxes have to be loaded and unloaded.

When you hire a full-service moving company that offers storage solutions, they can come to your house to pick up your things for moving and then store them until the day of your move. This allows you to move at your own pace and reduces stress from feeling rushed. It’s a good idea to ask about this option when you first receive an estimate from a moving and storage company. Many will offer this as an added service for an additional cost. However, some movers will include storage with their estimates for free. For example, Central Transportation Systems does this to give their customers peace of mind that their belongings will be protected during the move.