What’s Involved With Fire Watch Guard Services?

Fire watch guards protect business facilities from fire risk by preventing harm from a potentially devastating event. They do this by preserving the structural integrity of business structures, and of course, human life. In short: Fire Watch Guards prevent fires before they happen. In this economic climate, loss of life is not an option. In fact, it has become a price many business owners are willing to pay in order to protect their assets from total loss. Here’s a closer look at exactly how fire watch guard service helps companies prevent large losses in property, business, and human life.

Fire Watch Guards

Installing a fire watch guard system is not difficult, as it is often made out to be. However, there are certain facts you should consider when thinking about such installations. For example, fire suppression equipment and fire watch guards can only help if you already have an alarm system monitoring your facility. Without such, you’re essentially cutting off the supply of oxygen to your fire-prone structures. However, both types of fire prevention equipment can be installed simultaneously to maximize their overall effectiveness.

Fire watches can either be on-site individual patrols, or a unified on-site patrol/fire prevention package. Numerous fire watch guards firms offer both types of patrol packages to their clients, with on-site patrols usually consisting of one man posts and several vehicle patrols. Vehicle patrols are often easier to monitor due to their short length, often just a few minutes, but are also less effective because the firemen must travel a greater distance to react to any signs of fire danger. On-site individual patrols are often more costly, but also tend to give the best chance for catching fire risk more quickly.

When choosing a fire watch guard company to install your fire safety equipment and patrol, you should make sure to choose a company that’s fully licensed and insured, which will guarantee their work and ensure their vehicles. If you know there is likely to be intermittent staffing changes at your construction site, then you may want to consider a company with regular on-site patrol rotations. This will allow you to easily assign guards to different shifts won’t suffer from having a guard whose shift is already assigned. In addition, some fire department recruiters may be willing to rotate a guard between companies, providing you both flexibility and better guard protection. This may be the best option for you if your current construction site is far from a city with a regular fire department.

Most fire watch guards are equipped with high visibility vests and boots, providing them excellent foot protection from fire hazards. Fire watch guards should also wear bulletproof jackets designed specifically to combat fire hazards. Some models of fire trucks are also equipped with alarms designed to detect fire hazards and sound an audible siren. Fire truck alarms can be manually activated by remote control. These alarms are also useful in alerting first responders to the presence of fire hazards.

The benefits of hiring a qualified fire watch guard service include professional patrol, comprehensive training, and emergency incident response. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may want to consider additional benefits such as: fire prevention training, which can help reduce fire risk by learning how to use fire prevention equipment and fire detection equipment effectively. Finally, fire watch guards are required to undergo additional training if they’re hired to protect industrial facilities or residential homes.